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Paver Repair

Over the course of time, paver repair may be necessary. In South West Florida, sand-based erosions are common. In many cases, the earth below the pavers may settle and sink overtime causing paver to sink as well. Roots, heavy vehicles, broken pavers are all simple issues that require a repair. Our repair services can help you avoid expensive new installation costs by restoring the once beautiful outside landscape. We will work with your already existing stone and bricks by re-grading, re-compacting and re-leveling the impacted areas around your residence.

Paver repair is critical when the affected areas are sagged or lifted after years of weather conditions or even a poor base foundation. Some examples we deal with are settling around pool decks (especially closest to the pool against the coping), broken restraining edges allowing pavers to move and shift out of place, lifted pavers commonly caused by roots growing beneath the pavers, cracked or busted pavers from heavy vehicles, Clacking or loose pavers overtop of a cement foundation. These are just examples of common repairs. We provide efficient and affordable repair solutions that will last years to come.