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Which paver material is right for you?

Remember, every job site is unique. “Your project manager will assess your job site to determine your design options and recommend the most effective paver material.” Thankfully, at Gulfstream Pavers, we are experienced and trained in each material to ensure your project is not only beautiful but performs correctly over time. Which material is right for you?

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Concrete Brick Pavers


  • Most affordable and commonly used paver option.
  • Numerous manufacturers and suppliers available.
  • Durability over time.
  • Heavy load bearing.
  • Accepted by most Homeowners’ Associations.
  • Low to moderate maintenance – pressure wash and seal suggested.
  • Wide variety of multi-shape patterns and colors for personalization.
  • Contemporary and versatile aesthetic.

Porcelain Pavers


  • Upgraded paver option that is suitable for residential driveways, commercial roadways, walkways, entrances, pool decks and lanais – Yes, 3cm and thicker porcelain pavers are PSI rated for vehicular application on driveways and roadways. The 2cm and 3cm porcelain pavers can be used on all other project types.
  • Slip Resistant – suitable for outdoor applications. Meets commercial slip resistance guidelines.
  • Heat Resistant – Anti-ultraviolet finish reflects rather than absorbs the sun helping to keep your paver as cool as possible in the Florida sun. The matte finishing ensures the product is not overly bright to the eyes.
  • Larger format options are available that mimic the beauty of natural stone without a porous surface to reduce dirt and grime.
  • Single size patterns only.
  • Low maintenance – these pavers do not require pressure wash and sealing.
  • Spacers and grout, polymeric sand or resin sand required for all joints.
  • Crafted in Italy for outdoor application
  • Modern luxury, cutting edge and clean aesthetic.

Natural Stone Pavers


  • Upgraded paver option created from a beautiful natural product imported from European mines.
  • Soft, smooth texture to the touch.
  • Numerous colors and veining patterns to match the colors of your project.
  • Travertine and marble naturally occur in white, gold, grey, brown and black tones with different textures and veining, making each project unique.
  • Moderate maintenance – these pavers do require consistent cleaning to ensure the surface of the brick does not hold dirt. Certain natural stone is soft and may show imperfections along the edges (remember, this is a naturally occurring material).
  • Anti-slip texturized sealant can be applied to reduce slip.
  • Warm and natural aesthetic.

Clay and impervious brick upon request.